MONSTERS & DAMES 2012 by Various Artists

THE 2012 EMERALD CITY COMICON ART BOOK by Various artists.
As we did last year and the year before, we bring you the "Emerald City Comicon Art Book 2012 Edition" this year's book is even bigger than last year's. With a stunning cover by Adi Granov, and 80 pages of gorgeous art!

This book IS A LIMITED EDITION; ONLY 1,150 books were printed. This book was created for two purposes: to celebrate the show's talent diversity and to benefit the Seattle Children's Hospital. THERE WILL NOT BE A REPRINT of this volume, ever.
Here's a list of the contributors featured in this volume and some of the pages:
Aaron Lopresti, Grace Allison, Mike Allred, Jonathan Case, Jacob Bear, Ron Chan, Chamba, Drake Brodahl, Daxiong, Keu Cha, Louie del Carmen, Camilla d'Errico, Lar DeSouza, Benjamin Dewey, Mark Dos Santos, DPI Studios, Tom Fowler, DPI Studios, Cat Farris, John Giang, Rich Ellis, Ray Fawkes, Adriana Ferguson, Zach Fischer, Travis Hanson, Jeremy Haun, Matthew J. Fletcher, Agnes Garbowska, Francis Manapul, Dylan Meconis, Emi Lenox, Jim Zubkavich, Kevin Nowlan, Mitch Gerads, Brandon Graham, Paul Guinan, Amy Mebberson, Justin “Moritat” Norman, Mike Henry, Billy Martinez, Phil Hester, Greg Horn, Nat Jones, Riley Rossmo, Mikeatron, Tony Moore, Barry Kitson, Jordan Kotzebue, Corey Lewis, David Mack, Ben Hansen, David Hahn, Bruce Timm, Brian Haberlin, Daniel Davis, Clayton Crain, Katie Cook, Wook-Jin Clark, Scott Morse, Dustin Nguyen, Peter V. Nguyen, Ethan Nicolle, Phil Noto, Adi Granov, David Petersen, Vinod Rams, Ron Randall, Patrick Reynolds, Sara Richard, Wade Schin, Chris Sheridan, Bill Sienkiewicz, Brian Snoddy, Marcus To, Christopher Uminga, Scott Wegener, Shane White, Andrew Wilson, Craig Wilson, Mark Thompson.

THE BOOKS ARE NUMBERED NO RETAILERS OR E-BAY SPECULATORS, limit 3 books per person, while supplies last. 
Price: $29.95 US Dollars 8 3/4x8 12.25 80 pages Full-Color, Full-Bleed, Hardcover, Perfect bound-Sewn Pages

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