EYE CANDY FROM STRANGERS Book2 by Various Artists

You will be blown away by the sheer size of these books 12 inches wide by 9.5 inches tall, most of the art is full-bleed, full color, big and beautiful and the art, well, nothing but gorgeous ladies, sketched, drawn and painted, representing all corners of the world including lots of entries from the US, China, Australia, England, Spain, Brazil, El Salvador, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, just to name the few that come to mind. Some of these artists you already know and love, others you have no clue about but you're about to find out and you are going to love them. The art also represents a wide variety of styles and illustration techniques. This is not just the "United Nations" club but also an incredibly inspiring and motivating book.

Original Price: $24.95. FINAL CLOSING PRICE: $10

ISBN: 13 978-1-934623-93-0 Oversize 12 3/8x9 3/4, landscape orientation 48 pages Full-Color, Full-Bleed, Hardcover, Perfect bound-Sewn Pages.


All images are copyright © 2007, 2008 Their individual Owners, book design © 2007, 2008 Alberto Ruiz/Brandstudio Press, please don't reproduce without permission.

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