Birds And Pencils (IRREGULAR) by Florian Satzinger

By Florian Satzinger

For those of you who don't know who Florian Satzinger is (and there aren't many of you) He's an Austrian animator designer/illustrator and all around super friendly guy with a talent approximately the size of New Jersey. This is also his first ever book published in America but not his last one., and what a beauty this book is. luckily for me, I don't need to describe the book, see for yourselves and order it before it disappears. Don't email me a couple of months from now saying "hey man, do you still have some copies of "Birds & Pencils?".

Consider yourself warned!
Hard cover, 8.5x12 inches, 48 pages, full-color, full bleed, sewn pages.

Irregular books are merchandise defined as lightly damaged. Damages may include:

• dented spine, cover or pages

• mild factory mistakes

• bent corners

• off-registration

• shifted binding

• other slight imperfections


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