10.15 2013

Special Offer for our First SHOWCASE OF FIVE - October 2013


From today until the end of the month, these 5 books are discounted at 10% off ($2.50 per book)! Prices are discounted at checkout.


Eye Candy for Strangers, Volume One, by Various Artists
10% off - ORIGINAL PRICE: $24.95


Confessions of a Process Junkie, by Alberto Ruiz
10% off - ORIGINAL PRICE: $24.95


Marvel Remastered, by Brandon Peterson
10% off - ORIGINAL PRICE: $24.95


Lily & Flinch, by Shane Glines
10% off - ORIGINAL PRICE: $24.95


The Art Scrapbook, by Su Haitao
10% off - ORIGINAL PRICE: $24.95



Buy one, or buy all, shit adds up. 


However, if you're one of the first ten customers to buy all 5 books from our showcase, you'll get Satellite Soda: Anthology 0.1, by Various Artists, free! We wanna acknowledge and recognize good, hardcore patronage, especially in light of our over 3,000 facebook Likes. We salute you.



Satellite Soda: Anthology 0.1, by Various Artists

FREE with purchase of all 5 Showcased Books


Enjoy the offer until October 31st. But be on the lookout for future randomly-selected Showcases of Five!




posted by Alberto Ruiz


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