01.27 2013


Firstly, sincere apologies to those during the holiday season who didn't get our memo and got their prized treasures late. Thanks for your patience and loyal patronage!

And now, to kill two birds with one stone: Re-introducing ourselves, while answering some long-dormant questions.

"I was wondering if you could add prospective dates for when your sold out books might be coming back in stock." -micah
"Great website! I’m really enjoying it! I was wondering if you could let us know when the sold out books will be back in stock?" -Rune

We are artists who had the balls—and frankly, the foresight—to bypass the middleman by publishing and selling high-quality books for those who love art. From a publishing standpoint, we provide an alternative for artists who have much to contribute to the craft but do not have the means or "connections", as it were. Their intellectual property, promotional tactics, and decision to reprint is in their control, which is the way it should be. If something gets reprinted, and you visit our site often or are a fan on our Facebook page, you'll definitely know about it. But ultimately it's up to the artist.

"Is there is possibility to purchase your books in PDF format?" -Matin

Brandstudio Press has always catered to a specific market. Simply put: our work does not speak to the common man and that's cool with us. If our little bookstore somehow bubbles up to the "mainstream", we won't reject this offhand. That said, we will NOT compromise the quality and production of our books for the sake of reaching a wider audience. This includes changing the format to pdf. If anything, sticking to the basics—a tangible book—seems to be a radical, revolutionary strategy, in the face of zeros and ones. If you see a pdf floating around, Brandstudio Press is in no way affiliated. It cheapens, negates, and violates everything we stand for.

Note to certain retailers and others eying us from above: We would rather sell to 10 of the right than to 1,000,000 of the wrong. You know your place on this bitter earth, so stop frontin' on us.

We, as humans, have a wonderful tendency to seek beauty in the world (no sarcasm implied; I am so overwhelmed by this that it blows my mind). Perhaps it's because it stimulates something in us viscerally, and it makes us feel alive and...well, human. Beauty is being synthesized these days and we see it everywhere. By design, most people cannot tell apart the real from the fake, due in no small part to clever marketing and fancy packaging. In these confusing times of technological overstimulation, people by default are appreciating the fake through no fault of their own, really. But Brandstudio Press cuts through the bullshit and strives to deliver good, raw, unadulterated art. At the end of the day (or world. HA!) what else is there?

Glad we survived 2012. Make 2013 count. Buy a Brandstudio Press book. Build something from scratch. Support local artists. Go to a show or exhibit. Pick up a fucking pencil. CREATE. I don't care what you do, just add more beauty in your life, dammit!

Preaching to an awesome choir,

A. Ruiz

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