06.10 2015

Father's Day Sale & Graduation (Dynamic Duo) Bonus

Our FIRST Father's Day Sale kicks off today! For the most part, what was once $24.95 is now $20, and what was once $29.95 is now $25! It's for a limited time only though--June 22nd, 6pm Eastern Standard Time.


Daughter of Brandstudio Press founder and "Confessions of a Process Junkie" artist, Alberto Ruiz, has graduated this year....

So to celebrate, the Brandstudio Press family would like to bring back Dynamic Duo O, which includes "Process Junkie," and the exquisite "Kustom Lolitaz", by Dany Orizio. This is our way of saying "CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 2015!" This lovely sale will end a little after the Father's Day Sale, but not by much, so get on it "while supplies last"! No pun intended.



A. Ruiz

posted by Alberto Ruiz


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