07.06 2014

"One Man's Irregular..." Update to our Store Inventory!

So here's the deal:

We have opened our inventory to include books with damaged spines, busted corners (it varies per book), and other imperfections you would not come to expect from Brandstudio Press.

We have chosen to not include them in the online store....
Until now.
Especially with the San Diego Comic Con coming up!
We've decided to give those who don't mind the dents but would appreciate the pristine art. 

These "IRREGULARS" will become a permanent fixture in our store, until our stock runs out. You will be able to tell which is which when you see the books.

BRANDON PETERSON'S MARVEL REMASTERED is the first title to the "irregular" treatment! 

Look out for more titles in the future!

*We do have to disclose that if the IRREGULAR is what you selected, we don't want any whining.
There is no crying in Brandstudio Press. $13.99 is $13.99, and if there are any complaints, we can trace your order to happily remind you. 

A. Ruiz

posted by Alberto Ruiz


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