05.25 2014

The Red Book (ECFS Books 1 & 2 Combined!)

Our online store has long carried the artbooks devoted exclusively to the female figure: "Eye Candy from Strangers, Book 1" and "Eye Candy from Strangers, Book 2." Having both books mashed up, though? Well...

Previously available only at conventions since 2008, Brandstudio Press has now made the compilation EYE CANDY FOR STRANGERS: BOOKS 1 & 2—affectionately called "The Red Book"—available to the public! The compilation is now officially placed in our inventory and is ready to order.


And what's more:
Since the 'WHY NOT?" sale (Yes, that's what we're calling it) is still going on, the $5 discount will apply to "The Red Book" (ECFS)  as well. Enjoy while it lasts!

Peace and elbow grease as per usual,
A. Ruiz

posted by Alberto Ruiz


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