05.16 2014

The "Why Not?" Sale

We have been receiving letters from art students requesting discounted books for being students....
Um, no need.
Because starting today (7 May) we are holding a sale where
the entire book inventory is $5 OFF.

From the big names to the cult classics, our online store has the price changes for ALL TITLES. Go to www.brandstudiopress.com/collections/books for more info.

We are aware, especially for our international brothers and sisters, that the United States Post Office has raised their postage prices—yet again—making it difficult to place an order with confidence. Sadly, that is out of our control. What IS within our control is the prices on our books.

Enjoy while you can!

**For a limited time only**

••Offer not valid with retailers**

**While supplies last**

**Limit to one copy per title**





posted by Alberto Ruiz


  • Not currently. Like us on facebook for up-to-the-minute info on what we’re up to, as well as in-depth looks of Brandstudio Press artists worth checking out. Thanks for your interest!

    says A. Ruiz on June 10, 2014
  • Any new sales like this coming yup? Looking at some of thee Shane Glines books and a nice discount would help me get two or three instead of just one…

    says Dan on June 07, 2014
  • Yes. The sale ended June 1.

    says A. Ruiz on June 06, 2014
  • Hi Alberto,
    Is the sale done?

    says John on June 05, 2014

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