03.14 2014

The Seven-Year Itch


Brandstudio Press celebrates another year of life. Thanks to all supporters for these past SEVEN AMAZING YEARS!

We're slashing prices of our most treasured gifts to celebrate. Each panel on our cover photo represents a book on sale for a limited time only:

1. Groundworks, by Mark Brooks - $20 (Original price: $24.95)
2. Lily & Flinch, by Shane Glines - $20 (Original price: $24.95)
3. Female of the Species, by Viktor Kalachev - $20 (Original price: $24.95)
4. Eye Candy for Strangers, Book One - $20 (Original price: $24.95)
5. Eye Candy for Strangers, Book Two - $20 (Original price: $24.95)
6. Passport, by Andrew Wilson - $7 (Original price: $10)
7. Eponymonstrous, by Ragnar - $39.95 (Original price: $59.95)

LIve it up!
Peace and elbow grease,


posted by Alberto Ruiz


  • Dear Sir & Madam
    We want to interested in your comic and animation.
    If you don’t mind We want to buy your books with bulk.

    Would you send to us you list with excel please.!!

    Best Regards
    Thank you

    says MR. JEONG KYONG WOO on May 13, 2014
  • Hello, I’m trying to buy into your web 3 Shane Glines books, but I can not find how to calculate the shipping to Spain. thanks

    says Ruben Fernandez on April 03, 2014

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