01.04 2014

New Year, Same Gratitude (Love Letter)

As Brandstudio Press reflects on 2013, we have come full circle, not just with the business, but what has has kept our business strong and good folks like yourself coming back—and that's the artwork.

Famed illustrator Shane Glines addressed the issue of the anxiety and doubt that may come with the profession. You can see his moving post here.
The following is a humble response, called

My Love Letter to Art

I love art. I wake up thinking about her, and I want to create. Sometimes, I go to sleep with the pencil in my hand, and her essence on my sketchbook. When I am immersed in my artwork—and I mean fully, no deadlines or anything—neither time nor space exists. When I am present in her, she intoxicates me. I know more about myself through the exquisite curves she lays forth in everything she is and does.

Simply put, if you are not someone who cherishes beauty or cultivates their craft, don't even bother. You won't understand the intricate, layered nuances of her ways. But here lies the conundrum: She is of you. She is of the earth. She is history itself, and all that is good in the future. She is what reaches parts of the soul where technology fails to reach. She is the world in which you live. She may not be the air you breathe, but she is necessary to life.

Now don't get me wrong: there are times when I get this block, and I cannot connect with art in the way I want to. My mind's eye cannot visualize a finished piece with her, and I get angry at my past actions and clumsy lines, wishing there was a COMMAND Z. But in order for me to move ahead with my work, I cannot stare too long at where I've been. I must keep drawing, make time for my art, and give her the space she deserves to grow and develop. I will make sure her heart is beating for the world, not just for my own pleasure. Though that's how it starts, doesn't it? Doing what pleases you first.

Always remember not to lose yourself in this whole equation and why you're here. Whether you know how to draw or not, if you have the passion and desire to hone your skill, you are meeting art more than halfway. And with practice, patience, balance with deadlines and self-love (not beating myself up if something comes out wrong), your relationship with your art will blossom in such a way that she will deliver more gifts to your life than you could ever imagine. All you need to do is give all of yourself to your craft. The results of your total devotion to her will stare you right in the face with gratitude, for she is a direct reflection of you.

Cheers to the New Year,

posted by Alberto Ruiz


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